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Vastu For Modular Kitchen

Vastu for Modular Kitchen

GreenwÜd understands that Your kitchen is the most important place in your house. If redesigning your kitchen is what is in your mind, then to bring a positive energy in the kitchen, the kitchen design can be planned according to Vastu Shastra. Believers say that a well-planned and a well designed modular kitchen through the principle of Vastu Shastra attract health and happiness. Also it helps the entire family to live a prosperous life.

For that GreenwÜd's undertake jobs and projects related to vastu and we also consult for the same from our in-house experts.

Here are some Holistic tips for Modular Kitchen

• The main element in the kitchen is the cooking stove. Ensure that it is placed in the South- Eastern direction of the modular kitchen. Try to keep the angle in such a way so that the person, who is using the stove to cook, should face the Eastern direction.

• Today’s kitchens incorporate space for a refrigerator. This should be placed in the South Western direction.

• The kitchen area also requires ample storage space. Before planning the cabinets, ensure your storage space should be built on the walls that lie in the South or West direction. Avoid the North and East walls to mount your cabinets.

• The microwave oven has also seeped into many urban homes. If your kitchen includes one, place it in the South East corner.

• Colours play an important role for interiors. They also affect our mood. For the modular kitchen, tones of green, light yellow, or a fresh brown shade are suitable.

• Did you know that the sink area should always be planned away from the cooking stove? It’s always better to keep the combination of fire and water at a reasonable distance from each other. Sinks are better placed in the North Eastern direction.

• There are many other electronic items being used for our daily cooking routines. Place these in the South Western corner of the kitchen.

• Avoid placement of the dining table right inside the modular kitchen area.

• Exhaust fans are vital to keep the kitchen well ventilated. Ensure the placement is towards the Eastern side.

We hope Our Vastu Shastra tips bring peace and good health to your home!