GreenWud Furnline

About Us

GreenwÜd is increasing and expanding its presence continuously. The company strives to stay involved with community outreach and fundraising activities. When it comes to kitchen we want a modern looking kitchen with all the convenience and at the same time we want to cook the same traditional food in traditional ways. We want to use water the way we like. We want the kitchen to work for us and not we work for the kitchen. This is where GreenwÜd comes in.

At GreenwÜd we make every kitchen unique and focusing on the needs of the customer. We can continue the style of cooking we do in the traditional kitchen. We make your kitchen at your taste and convenience collaborating with the vast experience and technical ideas.

At GreenwÜd we get modern kitchen with all latest amenities at a price we would never thought possible. Kitchen Chimney or Cooker Hood or Range hood has become an integral part of modern kitchen. Not to say designer cook tops, in-build hobs and other kitchen appliances.

Renovation is next buzz today. Most people wanted to renovate their existing old kitchen to a sparkling new kitchen. It is possible with GreenwÜd with minimum cost. Our extensive range of kitchen furniture and our able infrastructure enable us to cater to all the different scales of projects ranging from the low-priced mass kitchens to high-end exclusive kitchens.

With our unique designs and client’s need we have spread our clientele beyond Mumbai to the other parts of the country.