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Kitchen Concepts

Modular Kitchen is a term used for the Modern World Kitchen Furniture Layout consisting of modules of cabinets made of diversified materials which hold accessories inside, which can facilitate the effective usage of the spaces in a kitchen.The units kept on the floor are called "floor units" or "floor cabinets" on which a kitchen worktop made of granite, marble, tile or wood is laid for creating spaces for varied activities in a kitchen.The storage units held on the wall are termed as "wall units" or "wall cabinets". In small areas of kitchen in an apartment, even a "tall storage unit" is available for effective storage. The designer normally designs the space using modules of standardized / customized sizes to suit individual spaces.

How GreenwÜd helps you

All our modular Kitchens are built keeping in mind both "Durability", to suit "Indian lifestyle" and "Aesthetics", to extend the elegance of European Kitchens. From traditional Solid wood finishes to the easy maintenance laminates to the contemporary finish, we offer wide range of finishes for you to select from.