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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Modular Kitchen?

A kitchen consisting of various modules (cabinets) fixed together form a modular kitchen. The same can be assembled and disassembled many times without any damages caused.

What is the difference between modular kitchen & carpenter kitchen?

A carpenter converts the site into small workshop and fabricates everything manually. Modular kitchen is manufactured only to be assembled at the site.

What are the reasons in favor of installing a modular kitchen?

The primary reason that is in favor of installing modular kitchen in homes is its user-friendliness. Home maker can work in a kitchen ambience that is designed based on their habits and style of working. Another reason that is counted in the favor of modular kitchen is its flexibility. There are so many options available to design a modular kitchen that users can avail great benefits. The design can be molded based on the preferences of the home makers. People have come to prefer modular kitchen for offering a range of features at affordable cost, without creating any mess thereafter.

What are the latest trends in Modular Kitchen?

Modular kitchens are available in a range of colours, designs, textures, material and concepts. These specifications keep changing with time and new developments are a constant feature in all aspects of the kitchen. Even the trends vary with changing lifestyles and preferences.

Nowadays, straight lines are in vogue. Handle-less doors, soft closing drawers, top open-able glass doors, built-in appliances form the latest trend. You can also give your kitchen a rustic country look by using solid wood finish shutters. Contemporary, classic or rustic, whatever represents your personality can reflected in your Modular Kitchen.

Are modular kitchens suitable for the Indian homes?

Functionality is the key when designing a kitchen and placing the working triangle , i.e the sink (wash unit), Hob for cooking and the storage units to have minimum movement. Hence , Modular Kitchens are organized , functional and yet flexible. In India , people prefer fresh food to packaged foods , not only stores food grain and other edibles in bulk but also use wide variety of spices. In view of above factors , Indian kitchens needs to be modular - i.e. well organized the home maker doing cooking needs to know where and what of the kitchens.

Do you offer a home measurement service?

Yes, we currently do offer a home measurement service. For more information or to book a home measure, please contact +91 8879592698

Do we charge a fee for a site visit?

No, GreenwÜd does not charge for Site Visit. GreenwÜd believes that it is important to provide the consumer with a realistic picture of the kitchen design and budget to help him take an informed decision. We thus put in extra effort by sending our senior design Specialist for a site visit. Based on the size of your kitchen and your requirements, the designer gives you design ideas and approximate budget to help you make your decision.

What is the time frame like from the planning to the installation ?

We need measurement and the tentative budget to design the kitchen , we are responsive and , only manufacture to treat kitchens as project management from conceptualization to final execution.Delivery period - 4-5 weeks.

How much time do you require to get my kitchen units once I place the order ?

It takes 4 to 6 weeks for delivery of kitchen units 2-3 days to install. The delivery date is calculated from receipt of confirmed order & advance form the particular customer.

Do all the doors and drawers have soft-closing hinges and runners?

Yes - we fit every one of our doors and drawers with premium soft closing hinges and runners.

How can I maintain the beauty of my modular kitchen?

Maintenance and care of any object would automatically raise its life. It is very essential to maintain and take utmost care of the modular kitchen overall. Though it does not require any deep cleaning yet it is essential to follow some points. Since the chimney is self reliant to a great extent, the home owner can clean it with a damp cotton cloth for avoiding any scratches. Also usage of sharp objects like knife, fork, etc. for cleaning is a big no in the kitchen. Since the rollers of drawers tend to choke due to weather conditions, it is advisable to apply some wax over it.

Why are your prices lower than other Modular kitchen manufactures?

We work on a "direct to the customer" model and do away with the huge showroom gimmicks. This helps us in lowering our costs and they can be passed on to you. We have a large collection of samples to choose from.

Does GreenwÜd offer any warranty?

GreenwÜd offers various warranties on its products, as well as a maintenance service to ensure your kitchen is always in good condition.
• Lifetime rust-free warranty on wire baskets.
• Exclusive 5-year warranty on shutters.
• 1-year free kitchen warranty against manufacturing defects.